Sexual Integrity

Worth Waiting For

This 2-hour activity-based presentation is appropriate for young ladies age 12 and up. Mothers are encouraged to attend with their daughters. A message of purity and sexual integrity encourages abstinence as a pre-marriage lifestyle choice that honors God and family. Light finger foods are provided for groups that participate in this presentation at the Center. However ACP Presenters are available, to visit groups interested in this presentation, off-site.

Second Chances

Second Chances is a 2-hour presentation offered to our in-house clients and/or young women who are currently sexually active. This interactive candid message educates young women about the risks and consequences of intimacy outside of marriage. Secondary virginity or starting over is a goal participants may desire at some point in time. If so, Second Chances team members are willing to provide the support and encouragement needed to follow through with such a goal. This presentation is provided at the Center, in a group setting. Chair massages (provided by a licensed massage therapist) are a complimentary perk to attending! As are additional visits to Miranda’s Closet if needed.