Post-Abortion Support

Path to Peace is a program that reaches out to anyone whose life has been touched by abortion.

If you struggle with emotions or issues from an abortion in your past, we can help. No matter your age, if you personally had an abortion (or multiple abortions), if you pressured someone to have an abortion, if you had no say in the decision of an abortion but it touched your life in some way (maybe you lost a sibling or grandchild or niece or nephew) this program is for you.

Forgiven and Set Free is a unique Bible study written specifically for anyone with an interest in being “set free” from any lingering guilt or shame or hurt from a past decision of terminating a pregnancy.

This program is provided on-site OR off-site; in a group setting or by working together one-on-one through the workbook. Complete privacy and confidentiality is assured as we journey together on a path to healing. Anyone interested should call 513-427-2271 and ask for Shawna. This is a private cell phone answered only by the person currently overseeing this program.