ACP Baby Bottle Campaign

A Caring Place is dependent on its annual Baby Bottle Campaign to bring in funds to help keep the Center’s doors open. 
This campaign is a great way to involve churches, families and students! We deliver baby bottles to local churches, schools, or other groups. Anyone interested in participating simply takes a bottle home, fills it with their spare change, cash or checks and takes it back to their church, school or group on the appointed return date. An ACP staff member picks the bottles up. Once our bank counts the change, we report back to our liaisons with a letter letting each church or group know how much was raised per church or group.

All funds directly benefit our clients and their children. To participate in the winter or spring campaign, contact our Development / Marketing Director /Events Coordinator: Gary Askren at 513-753-4357 (HELP) or

What is the Baby Bottle Campaign?

This campaign is an opportunity for communities to gather with their church, organization, school, or group to collect change in bottles to support this life-saving ministry. It allows us to support young women choosing to carry to term and make an adoption plan or parent.  For those that choose to parent we help with formula, diapers, baby food, clothing, baby equipment and much more.

How does it work?

There is a form (link below) where someone from your church, organization, school, or other group will complete to request starting a campaign. ACP will contact them to make arrangements for delivery of the desired amount of bottles. Participants will simply take a bottle home, fill it with their spare change, cash or checks and take it back to their church, organization, school or group on the appointed return date. Then ACP will pick the bottles up. We will report back with a “Thank You Letter” stating the amount donated.

How has the pandemic changed the Baby Bottle Campaign?

The pandemic has made the need for the Baby Bottle Campaign even more crucial. However, it has also made it more difficult. That is why we are providing an option for a Virtual Baby Bottle Campaign.  Your group can simply donate any amount you desire by clicking the “Donate Now” link.

What will the proceeds go towards?

Every year participants use this campaign opportunity to bring support to women and families. The Baby Bottle Campaign funds meet 22% of the annual budget needed to keep the doors open and continue to provide the services that are so desperately needed. 

Who can participate?

Anyone! It has been an annual tradition for many churches to take this opportunity to step up to support life. We also welcome organizations, schools, small groups, businesses, neighborhoods, and individuals to participate! 

How will we help you and your campaign?

ACP will do all the heavy lifting. We will bring bottles and/or information cards to you. We will also pick them up from you. We will provide you the flyers and information you will need to engage your group. We are even able to send an ACP staff member to speak to your group.

Amount Raised: $4,900

$0.00 Raised